Goodbye Jerusalem, Hello World!

Since my first trip to Europe in September 2015 I was traveling every 2 months, wanderlust took over me. With each trip, the idea of leaving Jerusalem was getting stronger. I used Linkedin to apply for jobs almost every day, I tried to find a job in Amsterdam to move there. Most of the companies were looking for engineers who already live there. So I decided to try London, and I got a call from a company called Palantir. I passed 3 technical interviews and in my last one, things didn’t go very well. Another “No” has been added to the long list of “No”s I had to hear in my life.

At the same time I applied for Palantir I applied for another company, Toptal. A company I used to read their blog, I was impressed by the quality of their content. After reading more about it I decided to apply, I called it “plan B”. One day I fell on this article that changed everything. One week after getting the last “No” from Palantir I got the most important “Yes” in my life. What was supposed to be “plan B” has turned to be the most exciting plan A I’ve ever had.

With Toptal I have the opportunity to be part of a great community of freelancers, to work remotely and most important to work on what I’m interested in! And then, another post twisted my life a bit more. TL;DR; Hacker Paradise. Now as a freelancer I can travel and work full-time. I will be joining the paradise for one month in Chiang Mai Thailand, and another month in Bali Indonesia. Then I will go back to my solo traveling with one month in Vietnam. Did I book flights or accommodation? No, I didn’t. I don’t plan so much and that’s the exciting part, planning things on the road.

Now, it has been a week since I got to Thailand, I’ve met up with a Swiss girl and we decided to travel together for the 2 free-style-travel weeks I have before flying to Chiang Mai. So far we have been in Phuket island for 2 days where we spontaneously rented a car (Tho I haven’t been behind the wheel on the right side before 😅). We went all the way south to Rawai where you can see the perfect view of the sun diving in the ocean. And we were at the national park and the Monkey Hill, no words, it’s just amazing.

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Trying to blend in

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We had to go back north to the airport to give the car back. Then we took a 2 hours bus to Krabi, Ao Nang. We booked our hotel room half hour before we got there. The next day while we were having lunch, we planned 3 days tours around the islands. We made it to 13 islands (Phi Phi, Hong, Paradise, Poda islands and more). we did snorkeling and kayaking, we ate BBQ on Paradise Island and swam at the night to see the fascinating plankton. (I have to go back to Railay and Maya bay!)

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Now we are on our 7hs trip north to Ko Tao island and I can feel the adrenaline kicking in while I’m writing those words. I have no idea where I will be after 3 months, all I know is that my backpack, laptop and internet access are all I need.

Stay hungry, never settle.